5 Things Business Consultancy Services Help You Do To Build a Strong Foundation

Mili Kataria

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“Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.” ~ Richard Branson.

But to board the bus that will take you where you want to go or an even better place, you have to wait at the stop, ready with your luggage.

You can call over your family or friends and ask them to give you a hand in that preparation phase.

One such friend of yours is Business Consulting Services in India who are here to guide you to get your journey going.

They help you prepare these 5 things and lay a strong foundation for your business:

  • Select a Business Model and Revenue Model

They enable you to decide how to give value (business model) and get value from the market (revenue model).

In terms of how to give value, they help you choose the following:

  1. What channels will you use to make your product reach your audience (Distribution Channels),
  1. How you will talk to your customers, solve for them, and build relationships with them (Brand Communication), and
  1. Who to join hands with to improve your business’s functions and grow (Key Partners)?

In terms of how to get value, they help you conclude the following:

  1. How will you charge for your offering (based on your target market),
  1. How will you earn profits in the early stages of the business, 
  1. How will you build revenue streams to aid your growth endeavors?

In short, business consultancy firms work to let you figure out two crucial (foundational) things for your firm: how you will make a profit and a brand.

  • Build a Strong Team

They work with you to bring in people who believe in your vision and can contribute to it to help you grow.

People that are skilled, highly committed, and professional.

A business consultancy firm helps you meet and bring these people to the table:

  1. Your team: People who work closely with you to enhance your firm’s functions and accomplish goals.
  1. Partners: Firms with whom you can combine your strengths (bring out the best of both worlds) and grow.
  1. Investors: Leaders who give you the support and direction your business needs.
  • Develop a Business Plan 

A Business Consultancy Services guides you in crafting a business plan to help you know and share your vision.

It gives you an idea of where you are today and what you can do to reach your envisioned state.

They work with you to show the following things:

1) Your vision, mission, goals, values, and objectives.

2) Insights gained from research (market, consumer, and competition).

3) The work of your firm’s departments (product, sales, marketing, and operations), and

4) The growth in the last year (in terms of profit).

After this, they work with you to build a marketing plan for your brand.

  • Develop a Marketing Plan 

From the last step, you have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.

Now, a business consultancy firm sits with you to work out how you can reach that aspirational state.

They help you figure out the following things in a marketing plan:

  1. Your marketing goals and objectives (that tie back to your business plan).
  1. SWOT (To let you use your strengths, work on your weakness, and leverage opportunities).
  1. Choose channels and how you will communicate, build a presence, and get sales from them.
  1. Decide on the budget.
  1. Get and read the data to guide your future decisions.
  • Establish Brand Identity and Positioning

You formed a marketing plan in the last step.

Now, these business consultancy services help you pull off that plan.

They work to build a brand (and an experience) that will enable you to win on metrics like loyalty and lifetime value that tie back to the ultimate number on the sheet: Sales!

They help you do the following to enhance your brand:

  1. Decide your brand’s personality and voice.
  1. Position it in a way that sets it apart.
  2. Create a visual identity with logos, templates, colors, and packages.
  1. Bring your brand into the whole lifecycle to offer a delightful experience.
  1. Protect it legally.


You’re all set to hop on the right bus and take a seat.

You will enjoy the journey till it reaches its destination, thanks to your friend that packed all the stuff you might need.

In short, Business Consultancy Services work to set a strong foundation for your business by helping you know how you will give and get value and build a team and a brand.

Pandora’s Box is a Top Consulting Firm For Startups that guides startups and emerging corporates to unbox the formula that will grow their business.

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