We are looking for someone who can imbibe our purpose, understand our culture, and add value through their words.

You’ll work for the brand Pandora’s Box and its clients to fulfil their content needs.

What You’ll Do:

  • Understand the client’s needs and do a detailed content analysis – customer and competitive analysis.
  • Prepare a Content Strategy for internal and external communication.
  • Execute the strategy and prepare content for the format requested – social media, blogs, website, promotional events, and other offline campaigns.
  • Regularly communicate with the clients to address roadblocks and share progress.


  • 0.5-1 year of experience in Content Writing and Digital Marketing. Relevant certifications in the same are preferred
  • Someone who loves using tools to make their writing work easy. A Grammar Nazi that hates fluff and knows how to make a copy persuasive.
  • Good communication skills are a must-have

Who we’re are looking for:

  • Someone who believes in the approach – research first, write later and is good at doing research.
  • A person that is always hungry to learn, eager to lead, and responsible for ownership of their work.
  • An individual capable of adapting while staying true to our company’s purpose.

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