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Unbox Value Through Learning

Today, everything is changing at an unimaginable rate.

The way markets behave, how consumers buy and engage online, brands becoming more human, and the relationship between a buyer and a brand.

What do brands (every business is a brand) need to do to make the best picture out of these patterns?

Learn and train themselves!

Learn about these changes, how they will affect them (in a good or a bad way), and how you can use them to your advantage (the process).

Now, learning is a challenge in itself.

Finding a credible source to learn from is like picking a needle from a haystack. Well, that’s where we come to you with a Box filled with knowledge gained from experience.

We conduct virtual or in-person training sessions and masterclasses with brands (of all sizes) to help them unbox their true potential.

The virtual event for selected Women Founders on "Brand Essentials To Keep Startup Visible" was focused on helping startups understand the role of branding and learn how to build a brand.
We experienced enthusiasm among them to learn how branding could help them stand out, shine, and sell more.

The webinar on "How to Prepare a Successful Pitch Deck" was a knight in shining armor for every startup founder.
It began by covering the basics and ways to elevate existing decks and ended with a Q&A where Mili shared approaches to tackle issues faced in effective communication.
She shared the Golden 3s to help make a pitch that tells a story and highlights the main points with visuals.

As part of Gen India's "Highway to a 100 Unicorn initiative", there was a session for startups from across Asia on "Branding Essentials to Keep Your Startup Visible."
It covered how to decide on a proposition that helps a brand stand out and position it to set it apart from the competing brands and win a share of the consumers' minds and wallets.

The session on "Branding Essentials for Startups" was the all-combo of branding that the students and early-age startup participants needed.
It started with what makes a brand and then covered how to master the art of brand storytelling to make a lasting brand impression.
Lastly, they learned how to build a pitch that woos the investor.