About Us

Who we are

“Impact One Founder A Day”, Pandora’s Box is a Branding, Marketing, and Business Consultancy formed on this motto of our founders.

We started in 2013, and when we look back today – it’s been a humbling journey.
We have mentored 85+ startups and emerging corporates to –
* know their market, consumer, and competition.
* fill a gap, position, and build a brand.
* craft strategies that help them make a presence where their audience is, talk to them and convert them.

We have covered 1000 miles in our journey of infinite steps.
We are still learning and growing with all the startups we work for and are on our way to becoming their go-to branding and marketing consultant.


Impact One Founder a Day.

We are driven by our purpose – in every step we take, in the way we work, and in the way we believe. Over the years, we have stayed true to our promise and are moving forward toward the envisioned future.


Our audacious goal is to impact 100,000 founders by empowering
their entities to become significant brands and profitable businesses.

Best Consultancy Service Provider

Meet Our Team

What makes Pandora’s Box a credible consultancy service provider for startups and firms?
Well, it’s the team.
A team that believes in what it does,
A team where everyone brings something new and valuable to the Box, and
A team made with the power of women.

Here’s to the people who work to bring the spotlight to your stories…


Mili Kataria Profile
Mili Kataria


She has spent 24+ years building brands and supporting founders of startups and firms of any size. She’s an entrepreneur, mentor, mother, a loyal supporter of Power-Point, and a blunt-sweet human. Mili needs a pen and paper (a cup of tea would be a plus) to craft a well-rounded strategy for your brand. She’s fun and easy-going except when you have been delaying your work for a long time.

Gaurav Kataria Profile
Gaurav Kataria


He has spent 22+ years working in digital transformation, technology, consulting, and marketing & strategy domains. He’s an intrapreneur, a Digi genius, an automation admirer, and our ace up the sleeve. We know we will get a new dimension to think of a possibility to explore the day Gaurav steps into the room. He’s our silent supporter who brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Our Team

Alifia Kanchwala
Alifia Kanchwala

Brand Specialist

It’s a good thing to be uncomfortable in the work you love.” – she has set herself on her journey of becoming a branding expert with this belief. She is curious, creative, a good strategist, a “for life” fan of brands, and a Grammarly Nazi. Alifia thinks her strength lies in writing good copies, but we believe it’s in her attitude of finding and learning things. She has the talent to relate everything (in life and work) with a quote from an anime.
Ammar Ahmad

Digital Marketing Champion

When we want to know how to use any tool, we call Ammar. He’s our Digital Marketing Specialist who believes in the power that comes from combining tools with our skills. He’s a skilled and curious guy who likes sharing his knowledge with others and learning from them. He’s a SEMRush fan and a cricket fanboy at heart. We sometimes have to take a back seat when Alifia and Ammar talk about movies, as there’s no end to this conversation.

Sonu Yadav

Design Champion

“Every good narrative is backed with an even better design.”This quote is the foundation of Sonu’s design that helps a brand visually convey itself to its audience. He’s a Figma Fan with a good design sense, an explorer, and a Cinephile at heart. Sonu’s work reflects his understanding of how design can enable a brand to stand out and get the spotlight. He’s a good listener when it comes to feedback and a good communicator when sharing the thought behind the idea.