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Mentoring Affiliations

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Engage the audience with the art of brand storytelling.

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Reach and rise to the top of your niche with effective Go-to-Market strategies.

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M in Mili stands for a Business Mentor

that enables
you to:

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Unbox insights through Market Research to guide your efforts.

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Seize the moments with the magic of Marketing Mix.

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Build brands that thrive and shine in changing times.

Business Consultant

She helps you to unbox your business’s true potential by strengthening your base through necessary changes in your ways, functions, and culture.

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Traverse the Business Model Canvas

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Set how to give and get value with Revenue Models

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Craft Decks that connect with your Stakeholders

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Enjoy streamlined operations with immersive Playbooks

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We deeply appreciate Ms. Mili Kataria’s outstanding contribution as an integral part of AIC-Nalanda’s esteemed Mentor Pool. Her expertise in Marketing & Branding shared through masterclasses and workshops, has empowered startups across all stages – from pre-incubation to acceleration and incubation programs. Her strategic insights and guidance have helped them carve their niches within their industries.

– AIC Nalanda Institute of Technology foundation


At Iventure ISB’s healthcare accelerator program, I Heal, we were thrilled to collaborate with Mili. Her masterclass on branding was packed with current examples and practical insights, empowering our participating startups to navigate the market and build strong brands. Thank you, Ms. Kataria, for your valuable contribution!


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Thank you Ma’am for your invaluable mentorship! Your timely guidance on go-to-market strategy and marketing empowered our startups to make crucial decisions, propelling their journeys forward. We appreciate your dedication and look forward to future collaborations.

– Deshpande Startups