Thank life and get into action!

Gavrav Kataria

22+ yrs of experience across Digital Transformation, Technology, consulting, marketing & strategy. Strong operations capabilities & ability to drive large strategic programs across globally dispersed teams.

I am at the Charles De Gaulle, Paris airport waiting to board a flight to Bristol, UK and I have 3 hrs to go. I am surrounded by the hustle bustle of life, like any other airport, but the difference is that I have time and I am not running to the gate (like I usually do).

 Smack! Life hits me in the face!

 A British family* with 3 kids, returning from a vacation to Paris, gets sandwiches & juice for their kids and the parents eat the leftovers. A guy sitting next to me has a broken spectacle but is still engrossed in the newspaper he is reading. A family of three deep into their mobile phones are hardly talking to each other, except for the few nudges. Guess what, all educated, all HAPPY with SMILES on their faces.

 And here are people, who wear tailor made suites, stay at 5 start hotels, fly business class, eat organic food, and still complaint that life should have given them more.

 Three things that come to my mind from the multiple discussion I have had with successful people globally:

 1.    Stop Complaining; Start Doing.

  • Life is not easy and will throw a curve ball when you least expect it. We all need to get darn good at what we do and keep working at it; for when the time comes all the effort we have put in will bear fruit.
  • Don’t just think, act…

2.    Be proud of your choices.

  • Guess what, I spoke to all three families and one common theme that emerged was: Life is a struggle, not easy. We want to do much more, but we took decisions in life and are proud of them. We chose our life and are proud of our choices.
  • I guess that’s why they are Happy.

3.    Choose wisely.

  • Lots of people complain about “Work Life Balance”, and say I have no time for anything but work. Guess what, all BS! There is nothing called “Work Life Balance”. If you can do three things, you are all set: Love what you do… be proud, manage your time well and most importantly learn to say “No” (this, I am worst at, but getting better).
  • Saying “No” is critical to focus on the things that matter. Life is about choices and saying “no” is as critical as saying “yes”. 

Don’t get me wrong, no harm in being ambitious, but be ready to work for it and stop complaining. Life is beautiful and we only have one! So, thank life and get into action! 

*BTW, the lady with three kids, sanitised the table before she left, so that table is clean for the next family. How many of us do this? They really considered life special and it showed in their action!

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