5 Top Trends a Marketing Consulting Firm Can Help You Leverage

Mili Kataria

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A new to engage, expand, and grow your business is born with every change in consumers’ habits and the market’s behaviour.

What’s overwhelming is that all these new ways (trends) ask for different strategic planning and implementation.

Simply put, they all will lead you to Rome (your business goals), but you have to follow a different path and face challenges to master each trend.

Now, can you walk on all the paths or have the experience to move in the right direction on each of them?

No, you can’t.

It’s infeasible even with all the time, talent, and team you have.

There’s where a Marketing Consulting Firm can come in and help you leverage various emerging trends to give the boost your business must get.

5 Top Trends a Marketing Consulting Firm Can Help You Leverage .
5 Top Trends a Marketing Consulting Firm Can Help You Leverage
  • Voice and Visual Search –

Smart speakers and virtual assistants have come to our homes, offices, and other spaces and have become a part of our daily lives.

You can focus on them and use them to take your brand closer to your audience by bringing it to life in their lives.

Here are the things a Marketing Consulting Firm can do to spread the word about you through Voice and Visual Searches:

1) They enhance your Content and Ads for these types of searches.

2) They optimize the Content for featured snippets and long-tail keywords (in a natural language people use to ask questions) for voice search.

3) They optimize the Alt text, Metadata, and Structured data for visual search.

4) They help you structure your website to make it more understandable and visible for search engines to rank it for you.

  • Video Marketing

Today, video’s popularity as a content form is increasingly growing.

The reason might be that people today have lots to consume and little time and attention for that.

Videos help them see, learn, and understand things quickly on the go – in a memorable way.

Brands can use them to share their knowledge and products (demos) with people, entertain them, and win their trust (customer stories).

Marketing Consulting Firm can enable you to tap into the power of Video Marketing by doing these things:

1) They first do strategic planning: 

  • What type of videos can you create?
  • What will be its content?
  • Where to distribute and promote it? and 
  • How will it help you with your brand storytelling?

2) They then work with you to write, shoot, and edit videos for various purposes (education, promotion, and fun).

3) They help you tweak it to make it relevant for your chosen channels.

For example, A video on YouTube can become a series of Short Reels for Instagram and Tik Tok.

4) They sit with you to measure the impact of strategic implementation of videos and spot areas to focus on and get the most out of them.

  • Influencer Marketing 2.0

Word of mouth has survived the test of time by taking new forms.

One such form is influencer marketing.

Today, people’s social circle has grown beyond family and friends to everyone they meet, see, and follow online.

They look up to and talk to each other for advice, tips, and suggestions.

Here’s how a Marketing Consulting Firm can help you ride this new form of word-of-mouth by doing these things:

1) They work with you to search for influencers that align with your brand’s niche, personality, values, and vision.

2) They guide you to:

  • Connect and reach out to them
  • Share and discuss how you will give value (compensation) and what value you want from them (campaign’s expectations).
  • Sign a contract with them to formalize your bond.

3) They mentor you to work with the influencer, set the campaign up for growth, and keep a close eye on it till it reaches the end.

4) They help you measure the results of your partnership to see if you can build a relationship with the influencer and find areas to do better in future.

  • Purpose-Driven Marketing

Today, the entire landscape has become more conscious.

Consumers want to buy and bond with brands that align with them and work to leave an impact.

Employees wish to associate with firms that share the same vision and values as theirs.

Competitors want to position themselves through purpose and stand out.

All this has made purpose-driven marketing the norm.

Marketing Consulting Firm can do these things to help you find your purpose and build on it:

1) They begin with strategic planning of finding your brand’s purpose and ensuring it aligns with what you do and if it is something your target audience cares about.

2) They work with you to build a purpose-driven strategy:

  • How can you share about it? (Content, Product, or Initiatives)
  • Where can you share about it? (Social Media Campaigns or Offline Events)
  • Who can you partner with to spread it? (Your team, influencers, partners throughout the supply chain, investors, and communities).

3) They help you craft and spread authentic messages that highlight you in every way – vision, values, personality, goals, and work.

4) They evaluate these things:

  • What impact your purpose had in bringing people closer to you?
  • What do you need to be careful about?
  • What will you have to do to improve and further spread your message?
  • Brand (Customer) Experience

People’s expectations of what a brand should be have grown exponentially.

Along with purpose, they want brands to make them feel heard and needed and quickly solve their problems.

The online world has made it crucial for brands to give their audience a memorable experience – throughout every phase of their lifecycle and across all touchpoints.

Here’s how Marketing Consulting Firm can help you offer a delightful experience by doing these things:

1) They guide you to map your consumers’ journey and spot places with a scope to improve.

2) They work with you in the strategic implementation where you make your brand known at every phase so your audience can connect and interact with it.

3) They build content strategies to give value to buyers at every stage

  • Awareness (Education)
  • Consideration (Options and Education)
  • Purchase (Offers), and
  • Post-Purchase/ Loyalty (Service)

4) They help you master the art of customer service. They prepare you to be present on your customer’s channel of choice and be quick with solutions.

5) Lastly, they monitor your progress and work to find areas where you can better the experience.


To sum it up, a Marketing Consulting Firm helps you to know the trends and prepare to use them for your brand’s growth.

They enable you to do strategic planning to leverage your chosen trends, execute them, and always be on the lookout for new ones to explore.

Pandora’s Box is a Top Consulting firm for startups that offer strategic planning and execution to enable them to unbox new trends and leverage them for growth.

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