5 Steps to Write an Impactful Vision Statement [+FREE Template]

Mili Kataria

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A concept in Ikigai highlights that a strong network of people is the foundation of a long and prosperous journey.

It’s not only true for life but for businesses as well.

Your customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors, mentors, and many more people are the cogs that enable you to have a smooth and profitable business.

So, what’s important is that we have a strong relationship with them.

How can we do that? By having a shared sense of purpose and vision with them.

A statistic suggests that firms with a clearly defined vision statement experience a higher likelihood of achieving their strategic goals.

Hence, we will share how you can craft a vision statement for your brand in 5 Easy Steps –

Vision Statement

What is a Vision Statement?

It is an inspirational and differentiating statement that shows the picture of the future your organization aspires to create – what the future you’re working for will look like.

Similar to a Mission Statement, it unifies your team and even guides your strategic planning efforts.

Why is a Vision Statement Important?

It enables you to –

  • Build Powerful Business Strategies:

Having a goal to focus on will change and align everything about how you do your business – 

be it product innovation, market research, how you operate, team-building, sales, how you reach, target, and interact with your audience, and what kind of brand and experience you strive to build.

  • Have a Good Team & Culture:

When we say a good team, it’s not just your employees but everyone connected with you – investors, mentors, partners, and suppliers.

A well-defined vision statement will help you attract, convert, retain, and collaboratively work with the right talent who believes in your vision and will contribute towards it.

  • Craft Compelling Brand

A vision will help you be and build a truly purpose-driven brand through your identity, initiatives, campaigns, and communication only when you know your vision well.

How to Write Your Vision Statement?

You can follow these 4 steps to write an impactful vision statement

  1. Ask Questions Related to Your Foundations 

To envision a future created by your products/ services, you must first have clarity on where you come from (origin), your current state, and what the future can be.

Hence, you need to figure out the answers to these questions –

  • What’s your firm’s purpose of being? What about its core values?
  • What are your firm’s products or services?
  • What’s your unique value proposition? 

What sets you apart from your direct and indirect competitors?

  • How do you want your stakeholders to remember and perceive you? 

What emotions do you wish to evoke or experience you want to offer?

  • What future have you envisioned for your brand?

Take time to find and document the answers as they will help you see what you want to stand for, why, and how you are doing it.

  1. Imagine and List Your Future Goals

You have set the foundations in stone. 

It’s time to get a clear view of the future you want to build to communicate it well –

  • Why does what you are building matter – today & tomorrow?
  • What’s the difference you want to create through your brand?
  • How will the world be if you successfully achieve everything you have thought of?
  • What are your most ambitious goals? (Don’t shy away)
  1. Revisit your Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement highlights what you do today (your actions and words) which reflects the future state your brand wants to reach.

If you have already taken the time to craft a Mission Statement, you have set the tone and structure for your vision statement.

If not, here’s a template to help craft an inspiring mission statement for your brand (link)

  1. Take Inspiration from Examples

You now have clarity about your foundations and future that will reflect in your vision statement, but you are still a step away from making it impact-packed!

We would advise that you use examples and templates to give structure to your idea

You can look at the vision statements of brands related or unrelated to your niche and see how they have crafted a perfect blend of present and future.

Here are a few incredible statements from renowned brands –

  • Ikea: “Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people.”
  • Nike: “Bringing innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world (*If you have a body, you are an athlete).”
  • Instagram: “Capture and share the world’s moments.”
  • Southwest Airlines: “To be the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable airline.”
  1. Discuss, Review, and Finalize the Vision

It’s time to invite your stakeholders (team, investors, mentors, and customers) and put all the information you have in front of them.

You should highlight the phrases or ideas everyone agrees are the most important to your company and remove unnecessary content.
(Note: You should not delete any content as every piece of information adds value. It just doesn’t in this case).

After that, you can try out Templates and come up with various versions of your vision statement – eventually going forward with the ones that fit you well.

Vision Statement 1

Which Factors to Look Out for While Writing Your Vision Statement?

  • Simple & Specific

It should clearly and very simply share the end goal your business wants to reach to help everyone understand, relate to, and contribute towards fulfilling it.

  • Differentiating & Impactful

It has to show what impact you aspire to bring and why that sets you apart from every competitor in the market.

  • Motivational

It must compel and inspire your people and communities to be part of it (anything generic and lukewarm won’t work).

  • Aligned with Core Values

It must reflect the company’s core, to help keep a consistency between your aspirations and actions.

Your vision isn’t something that will constantly change, but you still cannot forget about it once you have made one.

We suggest you revisit your vision periodically to ensure it is still relevant and forward-looking as your firm and market evolve.

That’s all from my side how to write an impactful Vision Statement for your brand.

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