How to Write an Inspiring Mission Statement in 4 Easy Steps?

Mili Kataria

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Everything today is changing at a never-before-seen pace, including the shift in consumers’ behavior and preferences.

They are no longer interested in brands that offer them the best deal but ones that go beyond it – 

ones that align with their values, work towards impact, and give them a sense of community.

In short, they are choosing purpose-driven brands.

A statistic by Good Innovation says, 

“84% of millennials aged 18-24 are already invested in socially responsible and impact investment or plan to invest in the future.”

Hence, being purpose-driven has become the core of brand marketing strategies to win your customers’ trust and build a strong positioning.

Firstly, how do you define your purpose or ‘Mission’ so that it becomes a natural thought for stakeholders to accept and share it?

Here are 4 steps you can follow to craft a mission statement, but before that let’s talk about the basics-

Mission Statement

What is a Mission Statement?

It is a powerful and very specific statement that captures the essence of your firm – the purpose (why do you exist? or why do you do what you do).

It shares your brand’s core purpose and values with internal (employees, suppliers, and partners) and external stakeholders (customers, mentorship, and investors) to help you connect and work with them.

Why is a Mission Statement Important?

It enables you to – 

  • Build Camaraderie:

You can cultivate a shared purpose among your team, customers, and investors to encourage them to come together and work toward collective growth.

  • Strike an Emotional Chord

You can form an emotional connection with your audience through your products, initiatives, campaigns, content, and the experience you give them.

  • Craft your Communication

When you have clarity of your purpose, it will reflect in your brand marketing content, elevator pitches, business proposals, and every interaction you have with your target audience.

It will let you be consistent and authentic with every stakeholder and connect with them.

  • Strongly Position your Brand

Based on your mission, you might have to traverse or carve a path that will eventually differentiate your brand from its competitors.

Dove stepped into the beauty category with its mission to make people confident in their skin led them to innovate products, craft content, and be part of initiatives and campaigns.

Their approach was very different from what their counterparts focused on which helped fulfill its mission.

Dove’s purpose not only brought it an irreplaceable spot in the Beauty Category but even made it a pioneer.

How to Write a Mission Statement?

You can take these steps to craft an inspiring mission statement –

  1. Begin with What your Firm Does

The easiest step of all. You have to share what your company sells (products or services).

We add a sub-step to this step- we try to include who our target audience is (who would need our service) to make our Mission Statement sound clearer and more believable. 

  1. Share how your company does what it does

Our goal behind defining the purpose of our brand is to form an emotional connection with our stakeholders.

Hence, we would suggest you incorporate your core values instead of any technical description over here.

You should prepare a list of all the core values important to your business. 

Then, compare it with the core values of your target segment to find if there’s a shared sense of belief between you and your target audience.

Pro tip

After completing this step, you should see whether there’s an association between your core values and your products/services. 

Doing this will help you make your mission statement meaningful.

  1. It’s time to Add the “Why” that Connects: 

This part of the mission statement helps people know and resonate with your “why” – your passion behind your business.

It is an opportunity to strike an emotional chord with your stakeholders to join and support your efforts as a team, partner, investor, or customer.

  1. Inspiration Time with Examples

To be honest, this is our favorite step of all.

By now, you have every piece of information that will be reflected in your mission statement, but you still need to refine it and make it inspiring

We would advise that you use examples and templates to give structure to your idea

You can go through the mission statements of firms related or unrelated to your industry and see how they have defined their what, how, and why in their mission statements.

Template for crafting a Mission Statement by knowing your firms purpose values and target audience

What should you consider while creating a mission statement?

Your mission statement should be – 

  1. Achievable and Praise-Worthy: 

It should be relevant and resonate with what your brand does today and what you can work towards in the future.

  1. Inspirational:

It should reflect the thought/ the belief that sets you apart from others – to strengthen the brand identity and perception.

  1. Clear and Crisp:

It must be easy to understand and communicate with no room for misinterpretation.

That’s all from our side on how to write a remarkable Mission Statement for your brand.

Giving the time to craft a Mission Statement is an investment that will bring unimaginable returns and growth as it gives you a direction to focus and grow on.

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